ESF Synthesis of Annual Implementation Reports and thematic reports

Ockham IPS, in collaboration with FGB, Applica and Metis, supported the European Commission in synthesising the Annual Implementation Reports for the ESF, submitted by Member States in 2018 and 2019 and ad-hoc reports. The project included three tasks. The first task was to summarise monitoring information and key evaluation findings as reported by MS and leading ultimately to the delivery of yearly EU Synthesis and Country Reports. This task provided the Commission with assessments of the performance of the OPs via analyses of achievements in relation to financial allocations and of progress made towards quantified targets, and more specifically the milestones and targets of the performance framework. Moreover, this task also provided an assessment of the contribution of the ESF and YEI – via the OPs – to the relevant EU policy objectives: Europe 2020 employment, education and poverty targets, implementation of the relevant CSR, and the Youth Guarantee Implementation Plans. The second task provided the Commission with more in-depth insight into specific themes related to the implementation of the ESF and YEI and its contribution to Cohesion policy objectives (by means of thematic reports). Examples of reports are ESF contribution to social innovation and the new skills agenda. 

Evaluations Studies European 2018 2019 2020 European Commission

Project code: B112

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No public reports have been released for this project.

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