Ockham IPS

Well-founded decisions in every stage of the policy cycle

Ockham IPS supports clients in the public sector with the knowledge necessary to make well-founded decisions in every stage of the policy cycle. Ockham IPS is active in studies, evaluations and consultancy on a wide range of topics for a diversity of clients.


Labour market

This concerns topics such as transitions from school to work, jobseekers support, the work of the Public Employment Services, Labour market stimulation programmes, mapping potential shortages of workers/work...


This concerns comparing qualifications, National Qualifications Frameworks, credit systems.

Education systems

This concerns primary, secondary, higher education and vocational education, governance of these sub-systems.

EU programmes

This concerns programmes such as Erasmus+, ESF and others.


This concerns teachers in general education, higher education and vocational education and training, initial teacher training and continuous professional development, policies on teacher quality.

Lifelong learning

This concerns the learning of adults; work-based learning, intergenerational learning, validation of competences and sectoral mobility.

Work-based learning

This concern the learning while working, apprenticeship systems, lifelong learning.

Knowledge management

This concerns setting up structures to improve knowledge management in organisations and between organisations.

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