For designing and implementing effective policies, knowledge is essential. This concerns knowledge about the implementation of policies (why does it work?), the expected results (does it work?), and the costs of policies (at what costs?).

As policy maker, you require high-quality information on the above-mentioned aspects, that serves as the basis for your policy decisions. Ockham IPS supports policy makers in designing, the implementation and evaluation of their policy.

We are experts in the field of education, labour market, social security, public administration and regional policies and have wide experience with working for national, European-wide and international clients.

Our research and advice is concise, time-efficient, and has a high practical value. Our methodologies are of the highest technical quality and tailored to our clients needs, thereby generating sound, and practical results.

The expertise provided by Ockham IPS, as well as by its European network of like-minded partner organisations, constitutes a large reservoir of knowledge which we valuably make use of in our projects.


Ockham IPS has broad experience implementing policy evaluations in the Netherlands and abroad in the field of education, labour market and regional economic development.

The evaluations are based on the ‘realistic evaluation approach’ mainly focused on answering the question: ‘What Works for Whom under What Conditions’.

For these evaluations Ockham IPS is using a wide variety of research instruments like literature study; document analysis; expert consultation; case studies; focus groups/ workshops; online surveys; quantitative modelling and descriptive and inferential statistics.

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Ockham IPS has broad experience implementing explorative studies in the field of education, labour market and regional development. This include comparative studies between countries; case studies; benchmarking exercises; as well as problem and need analysis for future policy making (including stakeholder consultations).

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Ockham IPS provides research-based consultancy services to governments and business enterprises to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their policies and programmes, in the field of education, labour market and regional policies. This includes the assessment of the theory of change / intervention logic of a policy/ programme, implementation modalities, and the development of performance indicators and monitoring systems.

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