ILO Skills and lifelong learning Strategy

As a direct follow-up to the outcome of the ILC General Discussion, the objective of the ILO Strategy on skills and lifelong learning for 2022-30 is to establish shared understanding of goals, priorities and strategic allocation of ILO resources to strengthen and transform skills and lifelong learning systems in the ILO Member States through social dialogue. The Strategy will include the details specified in the resolution and conclusions of the General Discussion on skills and lifelong learning (ILC.109/Record No. 10A), adopted on 10 December, 2021, covering all the ILO means of actions from a global perspective, while taking into account regional and country specific contexts, and fully taking into account the ILO tripartite constituents’ guidance on this topic.

Consultancy Global 2022 ILO

Project code: B209

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ILO skills LLL strategy 2022 B209

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