GEM Report external evaluation

This evaluation assessed the UNESCO GEM Report in the period 2019-2023. The evaluation aimed to determine how effectively the GEM

Report fulfilled its mandate, and to inform its next six-year strategy 2025-2030. The evaluation combined a theory of change with mixed methods and concludes that the GEM Report products and outputs are highly valued and relevant, and that they influence the work of partners. The evidence points to broadening expectations from stakeholders and donors on the role of the GEM Report, including a move towards policy influence rather than solely reporting on SDG4. In a crowded global education environment, this adds a challenge to the GEM Report’s position as the global public good for education. In addition, an increasing variety of GEM report products risks to diminish stakeholders’ perception regarding the focus of its core mandate. Coupled with the lack of assurance of longer-term funding, this poses important questions for the near future of the GEM Report in terms of definition of its outputs, resource mobilisation, and connection to broader impact in the education sector. Based on these conclusions, the evaluation provides four recommendations to strengthen the GEM Report in the future. The evaluation is carried out by ICON Institut and Ockham IPS.

Evaluations Global 2023 UNESCO

Project code: B232

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GEM Evaluation-Final-report 2023 B232

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