EQF Evaluation

The purpose of the 2017 EQF Recommendation is to improve the transparency, comparability and portability of people’s qualifications. By doing so, the Recommendation aims at contributing to a wider set of objectives, laid out in recital 4 of the Recommendation:

  • Increase employability (e.g. by giving access to jobs), mobility across sectoral and geographical borders (e.g. by enabling better assessment of qualifications), and social integration of workers and learners;
  • Foster lifelong learning, smoother transitions and flexible learning pathways (e.g. by linking formal, non-formal and informal learning; by increasing access to further education; by supporting credit transfers);
  • Support modernisation of education and training systems (e.g. by placing a focus on learning outcomes).

Global European 2022 2023 European Commission

Project code: B210

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study supporting the evaluation of the EQF 2024 B210

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