Evaluation of ESF Social Innovation and Transnational Cooperation

Ockham IPS, in cooperation with Panteia, implemented the evaluation of ESF Social Innovation and Transnational Cooperation (for the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment). Within the Active Inclusion Investment Priority of the Dutch European Social Fund (ESF) programme, EUR 5.3 million is allocated to project that focus on (1) social innovation and / or (2) transnational cooperation (within the ESF regulation for ‘Sociale Innovatie & Transnationale Samenwerking’ - SITS).  In order to draw lessons on the design of the SITS scheme and implementation practice for the current and the next programming period, an interim evaluation of the SITS scheme was carried out. The evaluation consisted of a desk research, followed by interviews with various stakeholders, which were analysed in an integrated manner.


Project code: B107

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