Study on Partnership Agreements and ESF Operational Programmes (2014-2020)

Ockham IPS, in collaboration with Panteia, Metis and FGB, carried out a study on the outcome of the negotiations concerning the Partnership Agreements and ESF Operational Programmes, for the programming period 2014-2020 (addigned by the Europen Commission). The study mapped the content of Partnership Agreements and ESF Operational Programmes, including ESF multi-fund OPs. It analysed the extent to which the main innovations introduced by the ESF Regulation and the relevant CPR provisions have been integrated in the programming documents, with a particular focus on the provisions concerning strategic programming and result orientation. More specifically, it assessed the political strategic orientation of how programmes address relevant challenges and the focus of programmes in terms of selected thematic objectives, Investment priorities and specific objectives, including the allocation of financial resources. Moreover, it assessed how programmes supported youth unemployment and the YEI, Institutional capacity and public administration, and active labour market policies (ALMPs). It also assessed the adequacy of the intervention logic and relevance, measurability and adequacy of the set of output and result indicators. Besides an EU wide analysis, country factsheet were produced for all EU-Member States.

Studies European 2015 2016 European Commission

Project code: B033

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No public reports have been released for this project.

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