Marye Hudepohl

Marye has recently joined the Ockham IPS team as a junior consultant and researcher, after assisting as an intern for half a year. She supports our research activities (both qualitative and quantitative) and contributes to reports, within the themes of education and the labour market, on topics such as: Adult Learning (AL); Life-long Learning (LLL); VET qualifications; NQF / EQF; 'Skills for Green Jobs'; Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); et cetera. In addition, she is in the final phase of her master’s degree in Sociology - Policy and Applied Research - at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. During her studies, she has laid a strong foundation for performing statistical research - both qualitatively and quantitatively - on core themes within sociology (cohesion, equality and the influence of innovation) and can apply these techniques to a wide range of subjects: participation in society (through sport, culture and politics); educational opportunities and professional careers; integration; radicalization; health and informal care.

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