Gregor Walz

Gregor Walz works as associated consultant for Ockham IPS in the field of international policy evaluation and analysis as part of the Ockham IPS team. Gregor holds a B.A. degree in sociology from the University of Warwick, UK, and an M.A. degree in European studies and transatlantic relations from the universities of Bath, UK and Washington, US, whereby he focused on comparative analysis of EU and US policy discourses.

His practical research experience stretches from international research on professional qualification systems in Europe to carrying out a comparative assessment of labour market programmes in different EU member states and more recently to reporting on issues of fundamental rights in the Netherlands. He has worked for clients at European Union level, such as the European Commission, Cedefop and the Fundamental Rights Agency and at national level in the Netherlands and the UK. In his position as research team leader of the organisation Art.1 he was responsible for setting up the urban centre of expertise IDEM Rotterdam, aimed at developing a local knowledge and research infrastructure in cooperation with educational institutes and civil society. In this position he has built up direct experience of knowledge and information management in a local practical setting.

His international background means that Gregor can switch easily between different working languages: German is his mother tongue and his proficiency in English and Dutch can be described as near-native.

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