Anton Nijssen

Anton Nijssen is associate senior consultant of Ockham IPS in the fields of public management (universities and research organizations) and of research in education. He studied sociology at the University of Amsterdam, specializing in methods of social research. In the eighties he accumulated a wide base of knowledge and experience as a policy researcher at various institutes.

In 1987 he became director of the, then leading, private institute for policy research in the Netherlands (Research voor Beleid, Leiden), followed by a position as director of SCO Kohnstamm Institute (educational science; University of Amsterdam). On behalf of the University of Amsterdam he also created ‘Liaison Office’, an agency for developing strategies for both research funding and technology transfer. Nijssen has been working as a freelance consultant since 2004.  He has worked for many clients in government and higher education, amongst which most of the Dutch Ministries (Education, Foreign Affairs, Security & Justice, Defense, Interiors, Economic Affairs, and Social Affairs) the European Commission, the World Bank and the European network for university directors and administrators, HUMANE.

Quite a number of his projects were dedicated to developments in higher education & research, and to the professionalization of the management and governance of public organizations. Over the years he has become an expert in the management of professional organizations, with a keen interest in the development of operational R&D policies and knowledge dissemination.

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