Ockham IPS is a network organisation. We believe that policy research and evaluation can be much more efficiently conducted in alliance with like-minded network-type organisations. For each assignment, a team of specialists is composed according to the needs of the specific request. We therefore prefer to keep the organisation small, flexible, and with a low level of overhead, management costs, while maintaining high quality standards. Our team is composed of experienced researchers and consultants. They have worked in different national and international projects for a wide range of clients. They all have a strong academic background and are passionate about doing policy research helping governments and enterprises improving their performance. 

Bert-Jan Buiskool 

Bert-Jan is senior consultant and managing partner at Ockham IPS. He is an experienced consultant, researcher, evaluator and project manager. He was responsible for the acquisition and implementation of more than 60 projects for the European Commission, European Parliament, European Agencies, and Member States over the last 10 years. He has broad experience in the field of education & training, labour market and regional policies, and more specifically European Territorial Cooperation. He has an academic background in Economic Geography and previously worked as account manager for Research voor Beleid and Panteia.


Simon Broek
Simon is senior consultant and managing partner at Ockham IPS. He is specialised in European education and training policies, covering subjects such as lifelong learning, qualifications frameworks, labour- and learning mobility. Simon advised European institutions on education and training policies. In addition, he has a broad experience in insurance and social security legislation. Simon has a background in Philosophy.


Bram Frouws

Bram is an independent expert in migration research and evaluation and an associate consultant with Ockham IPS. He is currently based in Nairobi, Kenya, where he is also working as a senior research associate with the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat. He has broad experience in policy research and evaluation on a range of topics and is specialized in all areas of migration, covering subjects such as migration and development, irregular migration, labour migration, trafficking and smuggling and refugees. He has experience working in the EU, the Horn of Africa and South (East) Asia. He worked for the European Commission, Dutch Ministries and International Organizations and NGOs such as UNICEF, ILO, UNODC and the Danish Refugee Council.

Femke Stoutjesdijk

Femke is junior researcher/consultant at Ockham IPS. She has worked on different assignments  in the field of CVET and ESF programming and evaluation more specifically. Before she started at Ockham IPS,  she has been working as an intern at Panteia. She has an academic background in  Social and Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology. 






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