Study on improving the (basic) infrastructure for teaching basic skills in the Netherlands

In collaboration with, Ockham IPS is conducting an exploratory study into avenues for improving the (basic) infrastructure for teaching basic skills (language, mathematics and digital skills) in the Netherlands and how to increase its outreach among the intended participants. In this study, we reflect on the social challenges we face, what is (more) needed to address these challenges, but especially on concrete solutions and actions that stakeholders can take together. An important point of attention is the role of ICT (online platforms and e-learning) in reaching out to people with low language, mathematical or digital skills.  This study has value not only for to define their contribution in strengthening the (basic) infrastructure for (young) adults, but also for government and cooperation partners who want to work together on this. 

In the study we followed an iterative process that included an intensive dialogue with 20 representatives from the sector (Dutch Parliament; Ministry of Education, Culture and Science; municipalities; Libraries; ; financial sector; employer organisations; employee organisations; Social Economic COuncil; adademics; Edutech companies; A deskresearch of existing policies and initiatives was als part of the study.  

Studies National 2021 2022 Stichting Expertisecentrum

Project code: B189

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