Policy monitor 'Tel mee met Taal programma ('Count on Skills')' 2020-2024

At the request of the the Dutch ministry, Ockham IPS and the Expertise Centre ECBO are jointly monitoring the implementation and effects of the ten policy measures of the Tel mee met Taal programme 2020-2024. The monitor assesses to what extent these measures contribute to the three main objectives of the Tel mee met Taal programme, whether the resources are spent well and what lessons can be learned. Since the beginning of this century, the central government has been deploying extra resources to support the approach to low literacy in the Netherlands. The Parliamentary Letter of 18 March 2019 emphasised the urgency for various ministries to focus even more firmly on tackling low literacy. This resulted in the Tel mee met Taal programme 2020 - 2024, with the following main objectives (1) reach more people with low literacy with a tailored approach; (2) know what works; more insight into quality and effect; (3) get to work together; more municipalities, employers and social organisations active: for children and adults. The three main objectives of the Tel mee met Taal 2020 - 2024 programme build on the knowledge and experience already gained. Ten measures have been defined to achieve these objectives. The level at which these measures are deployed is broad and includes both the local/regional and the national level, or even both.

Evaluations Studies National 2021

Project code: B167

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No public reports have been released for this project.

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