Financing Apprenticeships/dual VET in the EU

Ockham IPS and Panteia implemented a country study for the Netherlands in the context of the Cedefop project on financing Apprenticeship/ dual VET in the EU (implemented by 3S). The main aim of the study is to provide a comprehensive comparative analysis of different financing models of apprenticeship schemes in Europe and to explore their similarities and differences. The final result is a typology of ‘financing arrangements’. An additional research question refers to the relation between types of apprenticeship schemes and types of financing arrangements. The hypothesis is that the characteristic features of a certain type of an apprenticeship scheme (for example, role of social partners in VET governance) relate to the specificities of its corresponding financing arrangement. Another main aim of the project is to develop a database providing information on financing of apprenticeships in Europe for the reference period 2015/16.

Studies European 2017 Cedefop

Project code: B081

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No public reports have been released for this project.

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