“Ockham IPS supports clients in the public sector with the knowledge necessary to make well-founded decisions in every stage of the policy cycle.”

Every policy problem is different and requires a tailor-made approach. Ockham-IPS offers a wide range of services, in all phases of the policy-making process.

  • Development phase: ex ante evaluations, impact assessments, scenario studies, market analyses, stakeholder consultations, capacity building
  • Implementation phase: process evaluations, ongoing monitoring & evaluations, thematic studies, benchmarks, technical assistance
  • Ex post phase: ex post evaluations, cost benefit analysis, identification of good practices

In all type of studies, we draw on different methods of data collection and data analysis:

  • Literature studies (reviews, content analyses, database analysis, comparative analysis)
  • Expert consultations (interviews, focus groups, workshops)
  • In-depth case study analysis (on-site observations, in-depth interviews)
  • Surveys (face-to-face, telephone and online)
  • Analysis (comparative analysis, econometric, and statistical analysis and modelling).

Our team members have broad experience in project management and are recognised experts in their thematic field: writing articles, doing studies, lecturing, and providing consultancy services.

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