Thematic Country Reviews on Apprenticeships in Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus Greece, Italy, Slovenia, and Sweden (CEDEFOP)

Ockham IPS - in  collaboration with Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini - is implementing the Thematic Country Reviews on Apprencticips in Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus and Sweden (assigned by Cedefop). The main objectives of the contract is to carry out an in-depth review of apprenticeship systems in these countries to identify their specific strengths and challenges and present a set of policy recommendations for ensuring quality apprenticeships. With findings from each country participating in the project, the thematic country reviews will gradually expand the knowledge on apprenticeship across Europe and will enrich it with a high level of details, including facToR determining or hampering success of apprenticeship initiatives in different national contexts. This project is a follow up the TCR already implemented in Greece, Italy, and Slovenia. 

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