Study supporting the impact assessment of human capital investment post 2020 (European Commission)

Ockham IPS - in cooperation with Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, Metis GmbH, and COWI- supports the European Commission in their impact assessment of the human capital investments post 2020. The Commission will use the results of this study to prepare the impact assessment of the regulatory framework of the Funds under DG EMPL's remit in the post-2020 programming period (ESF, YEI, FEAD, EGF, EaSI, VET/AL/skills part of Erasmus+). The overall purpose of this study is threefold: (1) Analyse and quantify the European added value of the Funds managed by DG EMPL; (2) Establish a strong intervention logic narrative which includes defining, assessing and quantifying, where possible, the potential social, economic, environmental, fundamental rights and administrative burden impacts of a set of options for the future development of the DG EMPL managed Funds; (3) Support the stakeholder consultation work of DG EMPL on funds under its remit in the framework of the MFF post-2020.

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