Evaluation of the Supply Community Strategy (UNICEF Supply Division)

Ockham IPS - in cooperation with ZeroSpace Advies - evaluated the UNICEF Supply Community Strategy, adopted by UNICEF Supply Division (SD) in 2008. The evaluation seeks to deliver evidence on the achievements of the Supply Community Strategy and to provide guidance to fine-tune it in the years ahead. The objectives of the evaluation are to: (1) Take stock of progress made by the the Supply Community Strategy since its inception as a response to the 2007 Supply Function Evaluation (SFE); (2) Assess past performance, and in particular the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of the Strategy’s related activities; (3) Identify areas contributing to the next Supply Community Strategy in the context of the future vision of the Supply function; (4) Identify actions and strategies to overcome weaknesses and build on the learned strengths of the Strategy.


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