Evaluation of Knowledge Management Strategy of the European Training Foundation

Ockham IPS - together with ZeroSpace Advies and ICON - was responsible for the evaluation of the Knowledge Management Strategy of the European Training Foundation. The objective of this interim evaluation was the assessment of the extent to which the overall and specific objectives of the Knowledge Management 2010-2013 policy have been achieved and to make recommendations for the further development of the 2014–2017 KMI policy. This evaluation addresses whether the KM strategy is well designed and implemented. The evaluation also addresses the impact of the KM strategy on the cultural, organisational, methodological and procedural practices within ETF and the value KM creates for staff as well as stakeholders in partner countries. Success and fail factors are identified, providing input for an updated KM strategy for the coming years (2014-2017) supporting knowledge innovation as well. Additionally, inspiration is gained from other organisations that have KM policies in place (namely the KPMG and the British Council). Recommendations are also provided for KM performance indicators.

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